Cancelations Refunds Reschedule Policy

Cancelations, Charges, and Refunds Policy


Dear Customer:

Your business is our bread and butter; with your help we can sustain our business, ourselves, and feed our families, and we respectfully appreciate it. In exchange we are wholeheartedly committed to give you by the best of our abilities, our expertise and knowledge through the service we provide.

At the same time we would like to bring to your attention the nature of our business. The inspections and related services we provide are not tangible merchandise that could be resold. When you order our services, we automatically schedule our time to you and nobody else can take that time. Additionally we incur scheduling expenses. If you cancel the service ordered, the inspector remains without work for that period of time and has also lost the scheduling expenses incurred. This is why we are forced to have a 10% cancelation fee.

We also understand there are factors beyond your control such as a deal fallen through, illness, death in the family, and other unfortunate circumstances; in such proven case, we will absorb the cost and refund your cancelation fee – see details below.

There is no penalty to reschedule an inspection, although we incur costs and may have unproductive times with rescheduling as well.

Cancelation policy details

·         Up to 24 hours prior to the inspection time, you can cancel a service without any cost incurred to you. This is the minimum necessary time for the inspector to fill in the time slot you originally reserved.

·         Within 24 hours prior and up to one hour before the inspection start time, you can cancel the service incurring a 10% cancelation fee.

o    Here you have the option to provide objective documentation proving the reason for cancelation, to avoid the cancellation fee. You will have 5 days to upload the document for approval; if you do not, or your reason is rejected, you will pay the 10% cancellation fee. Documentation accepted to avoid the cancelation fee is listed below. All documents must have company letter head and phone numbers for verification:

§  Deal fallen through – written statement from agent

§  Written statement from doctor, in case of illness.

§  Mortgage rejection letter, from mortgage company

§  Death in the family – copy of death certificate

§  Local natural catastrophes – verifiable by our staff from news or internet

·         No cancelation will be accepted one hour prior to the inspection time regardless of reason; the inspector has already prepared and left the office to provide the service. Any service scheduled and not canceled more than one hour prior, will be charged the entire fee.

o    Exception: if you have a telephone agreement with the inspector, they may cancel up to the inspection start time. The inspector himself, cannot cancel the service after the scheduled time of start; you will be charged the entire fee.

Before you schedule any inspection or service, you must check the “I read, understood, and agree to the cancelation policy” or our system will not let you go further to schedule the service.

A large team of people is working in the background to make your inspection service possible and most beneficial to you. 

Your understanding is most appreciated.